The 2018 Global Innovation Index (GII) measures components of innovation inputs such as human capital, research and business sophistication and results of innovation.

According to the index published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, Cornell University in the United States and INSEAD, a global business school, only eleven African countries and eight sub-Saharan countries made the top 100 innovation countries in the world. The African countries included are South Africa, Tunisia, Mauritius, Morocco, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, Namibia, Rwanda, Egypt and Senegal while the eight sub-Saharan African countries in the top 100 combined with Uganda and Madagascar make up the 10 top innovation countries in sub-Africa.

From the African ranking which includes only 29 African countries, the East Africa region led by Kenya leads the continent in innovation with four countries in the top 100 list, followed by both North and Southern Africa with three countries each lead by Tunisia and South Africa respectively. The only west Africa country in the top 10 innovation countries in sub-Saharan Africa is Senegal and she is the last country in the top 100 world ranked 100.



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