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  • Is Africa the Next European Union?

      Visualizing Africa’s Free Trade Ambitions A united African continent working towards common goals would be a major force on the global economic stage. To this end, nations in the region have been working towards an ambitious plan to create the world’s largest world’s largest trade area. The Gambia recently…

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  • How Much Does Mobile Data Cost Around Africa?

      In Africa, Internet users pay for mobile data more than elsewhere. The disparities in mobile internet tariffs are abysmal, reaching up to more than 1 GB of data. The colors on the map correspond to the price of 1 GB of mobile data in each country, with dark green…

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  • Most Admired Auto Brands in Africa in 2018

      Toyota, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan, Audi, Ford, Ferrari, etc. Major global car brands are investing in the African market. First to sell, then, more and more to build on the spot some of their models. In Germany, Japan, the United States and Italy, discover the car model that is…

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  • Discover the share of African and non-African countries in the capital of the AfDB

      Source : African Development Fund Keywords : Africa, News, Economy, African Development Fund, African Development Bank, AfDB, Capital, African countries, Non-African countries Baobab News Redaction S.MARAI © Credit Graphics : Baobab News

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  • Top Most Admired Brands in Africa in 2018

      Gucci, Chanel, Zara, and Dior are among the most popular clothing brands in Africa, according to Brand Africa’s study of the best African brands for 2017/2018. Among the most cited brands follow one another : Gucci, Anbessa, Zara, Polo Ralph Lauren, H&M, Versace, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Victoria’s Secret, Calvin…

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  • CAF EGYPT 2019 : Quarterfinal – Economic

      The African Cup of Nations 2019 is the 32nd edition of the African Cup of Nations, which will be held in Egypt from June 21 to July 19, 2019. It is the first organized event of 24 participating teams and to take place in summer. The organization of the…

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  • Who are the most influential African women?

    Powerful women are more and more numerous on the African continent. Here is the selection of the magazine Jeune Afrique of the 50 most influential African women in the world:     Agro industry Anta Babacar Ngom (Senegal. Executive Director, Sedima) The 33-year-old leader, educated in France and Canada, is…

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  • African Celebrities Who Own Private Jets !

      The economic slumps in Africa are very high and most people depend on daily earnings to survive but that is not obstructing the rich and famous in the societies most often celebrities and business gurus from cruising in luxuries. Gone are the days when owning a private jet was…

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  • Who are the Richest African Artists ?

      African music is full of many celebrities as beautiful and especially very rich. Between music and business, some African artists have managed to make their fortune and sometimes even more than they need. Most of the African musicians are from Nigeria, although it is French-speaking West Africa that remains…

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  • Who are the richest African football players in 2019 ?

      Being a professional footballer has become a dream for many Africans youth. Footballers, given their pharaonic lifestyle, are dreaming more than one in the world. And it is not the astronomical amounts that they earn each year that will tell us the opposite. With all the money from football,…

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