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  • The 10 sectors of the future in Africa

      The 10 sectors of the future in Africa that will make the millionaires of tomorrow. Today, it is the rise of the middle class and the digital revolution that are boosting Africa. Half of the world’s fastest growing countries are African. The latest Wealth Africa Report by New World Wealth reveals that…

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  • The Most DEVELOPED African Countries in 2019

      While Africa has many natural resources and cultural and ecological diversity, most of the continent remains underdeveloped. In fact, no other continent is on the list of least developed countries other than Africa. Despite unstable economic conditions caused by civil unrest, corruption, tribal wars and extreme poverty, a number…

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  • The share of natural gas in the African energy mix will increase from 5% to 25% by 2040

      According to the energy outlook of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the share of natural gas in the energy mix of the African continent will increase from 5% currently to 25%, within the next 20 years. The continent will then become a major player in the natural gas markets,…

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  • 2020 to 2040 : The challenge of a vision 4.0 for Africa

    How to meet the challenges that lie ahead for the next few years? How to help Africa and its two billion future inhabitants live in peace, in decent conditions while preserving our environment and respecting the richness of cultures, traditions and languages in 54 countries. “Technology and innovation are central…

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  • Top World’s Richest Afro American Rappers (2019)

      Have you ever wondered who are the richest Afro-American rappers in the world ? We are about to show you … The rappers are known for their big houses, their luxury cars and their extravagant shops. And when you look at how many of them are winning, it’s not surprising.…

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  • Nigerian film industry: ‘Nollywood’ is bigger than Hollywood !

      In 2009, UNESCO reported the Nigerian film industry – also known as “Nollywood” – had overtaken Hollywood to become the world’s second largest film industry, behind India’s Bollywood. In the following decade, output more than doubled to 2,500 films a year – and the industry is continuing to grow,…

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  • Electrification in Africa: which areas for improvement?

      Among the issues highlighted by the United Nations, access to electricity remains a major problem in Africa. In 2016, per capita consumption on the continent accounted for only 18.5% of the world average. Faced with this, several obstacles, such as insufficient capacity of households to increase their income through better access…

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  • Where Africa’s rich live ?

      The Mauritian bank Afrasia publishes the third edition of its ranking. Which African countries are the wealthiest and accumulate the most private wealth? Which countries accumulate the most private wealth, where are the highest heritages, and how do they evolve? Where are the richest or most expensive cities …? While the total…

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  • Top 100 Busiest Airports in Africa

    This is a list of the 100 busiest airports in Africa measured by scheduled departures daily (and not number of passengers). Find the rest of the ranking in the table below : 21 : Abidjan (ABJ) 33 flights every day 22 : Dakar (DSS) 32 flights every day 23 : Kilimanjaro (JRO) 32…

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  • Sports Betting Economy in Africa

      For thousands of years, humans have engaged in sports betting and lotteries. From ancient Roman sports to betting on gladiator battles, to state-run lotteries in ancient China, these activities are at the heart of our culture. While sports betting and lotteries have existed in Africa for thousands of years,…

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