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The Regional Risks for Doing Business report offers a business perspective on the impact of global risks and illustrates how they are experienced differently across regions.

Explore top business risks across Africa below :

Economic and financial challenges are the leading risks for doing business in countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Executives ranked “energy price shock”, “fiscal crises”, “unemployment or underemployment”, “unmanageable inflation” and “asset bubble” as the top five risks. No other region had economic issues encompass their top five risks. Indeed, the beginning of 2019 was a challenging period for national economies and the medium-term risk outlook continues to show that the region is exposed to both internal systemic challenges and geopolitical headwinds.

Unlike other regions, the leading risks in 2019 in sub-Saharan Africa did not change from the prior year: “Unemployment or underemployment”, “failure of national governance”, “failure of critical infrastructure” and “energy price shock” all remain the top four risks. The only issue that emerged as a major concern for business in the region was “fiscal crises”, which ranks fifth this year. These findings reflect the fact that economic and governance concerns are felt deeply among executives and come at a time when sub-Saharan Africa faces opportunities, but also vulnerabilities, because of its growing population.

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Source : World Economic Forum

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