How to meet the challenges that lie ahead for the next few years?

How to help Africa and its two billion future inhabitants live in peace, in decent conditions while preserving our environment and respecting the richness of cultures, traditions and languages in 54 countries.

“Technology and innovation are central to unleashing Africa’s vast potential,” said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

Technologies are finally unanimously recognized as a lever of development themes: health, education, agriculture, water, mobility, renewable energies and of course entrepreneurship.

Different revolutions with different Development Actors

After the first wave of the Internet and mobile in the 2000s we saw in 2010 the breakthrough of digital 2.0 which has changed our uses with dematerialization, service platforms and social networks. A tsunami is being prepared in 2020 with the Internet of Things (IOT), 5G, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain without forgetting quantum computing.

The four industrial revolutions


A vision over 20 years: 2020 2040

We must propose a vision with participative and citizen platforms that allow elected representatives to receive and aggregate the demands of civil society. Allow us to come together to converge on the best solutions. As with the projects, the beneficiaries, and therefore these Development Actors, know better than anyone how to deploy services adapted to the local context or culture. To listen is to anticipate.


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