According to a new research report by sub-Saharan investment firm Timon Capital and data visualization company Briter Bridges that tracking compensation on the continent, about 41 percent of start-up CEOs in Africa earn less than 20,000 while 25 per cent earn more than $ 60,000.

At the same time, 50% of the co-founders have a bachelor’s degree, while 30% have been trained outside Africa. About 54% of junior analysts earn less than $ 10,000.

The salary survey was conducted with 48 companies in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. It examined 1,079 co-founders of 788 start-ups and found that only 20% of them had founders.

In Kenya and South Africa, overall pay is generally higher than that of Nigeria and Ghana, especially for managers.

However, on average, start-ups at all levels earn much more in South Africa than anywhere else. For example, South African start-up directors earn more than five times their counterparts in Ghana and Nigeria and more than twice those in Kenya.

With greater stability in the start-up sector in Africa, it is hoped that we will learn more about improving pay between employee levels.


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