According to a report by the economic services of the French Embassy in Gabon, the banking market remains young and has few actors. It is dominated by three banks: BGFI Bank, BICIG and UGB, which account for more than 75% of jobs.

BGFI Bank remains the leader, followed by BICIG and UGB. For, of the CFAF 1 764 billion in loans in February 2019, BGFI Bank has a 40% share of the market, far ahead of UGB (19%), BICIG (19%) and the other four banks, which together account for 22%.

Nevertheless, says the report, with regard to the number of accounts opened in banks, the situation varies. UGB is in 1st place with 36% of bank accounts opened in Gabon, followed by BICIG with 28%, Ecobank (12%) and finally BGFI Bank which claims only 11% of accounts.


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