The ranking as presented is the work of the South African financial group “Rand Merchant Bank”. This is his ninth edition entitled “Where to invest in Africa”. The most attractive savings remain globally the same compared to previous publications. But there are significant changes in the different positions occupied.

Egypt remains the most attractive African country for investment because of its large demographic market, the improved business environment and the government’s industrialization policy.

The second place now goes to Morocco, whose average growth could reach 4% over the next few years. It takes the place of South Africa, whose economy is experiencing a “cyclical slowdown “, “sluggish growth” and “a business environment that has deteriorated” .

Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana respectively occupy the 4 th , 5 th , and 6 th  places, while Ivory Coast gained three places to occupy the position of seventh African country more attractive for investment. Its performance is due to its increasingly diversified economy, marked by high growth and large infrastructure projects.

The last three places in the ranking come back to Nigeria (8 th ), Ethiopia (9 th ) and Tunisia (10 th ), which enters the square of the ten most attractive countries on the African continent.


Source : Rand Merchant Bank

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