The Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI) is produced by the African Development Bank. The AIDI serves a number of key objectives, principally: (i) to monitor and evaluate the status and progress of infrastructure development across the continent; (ii) to assist in resource allocation within the framework of ADF replenishments; and (iii) to contribute to policy dialogue within the Bank and between the Bank, RMCs and other development organizations.

In 2019, out of the 54 African countries, the countries of North Africa and Southern Africa dominate the top 10.

Seychelles, Egypt, Libya, South Africa and Mauritius are the Top 5 in the AfDB’s Annual Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI).

Achieved on the basis of several criteria, this index takes into account the composite index of transport, electricity, ICT or even water and sanitation.

Seychelles is leading with a record of 94.97% in terms of infrastructure development, followed by Egypt with a rate of 87.23%. Libya is in third place with 81.89%. South Africa followed with 78.43% and Mauritius with a record of 77.50%. They are joined by Tunisia (69.30%), Morocco (64.87%), Algeria (57.08%), Cape Verde (47.96%) and Botswana (36.96%).


Source : Africa Infrastructure Development Index (AIDI)

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