This is a list of African countries classified by unemployment rate. The methods of calculating and presenting the unemployment rate vary from one country to another. Some countries have only unemployed insured persons, some only recipients of social benefits, others disabled and other permanent unemployed. Some countries include those who choose (and are financially capable) of not working, being cared for and caring for their spouse. a family, some have college students and so on. There may also be differences in the minimum requirements and some consider the employed even if they are only marginally associated with the labor market (for example, working only one hour per week). Unemployment rates are often seasonally adjusted to avoid variations depending on the time of year. The employment rate as a percentage of the total working-age population is sometimes used instead of the unemployment rate.

Below the list:

Country Last Previous
Congo 46.10 Dec/13
Namibia 33.40 Dec/18
South Africa 29.00 Jun/19
Angola 28.80 Dec/18
Lesotho 27.25 Dec/17
Swaziland 26.40 Dec/17
Mozambique 25.04 Dec/17
Nigeria 23.10 Sep/18
Gabon 19.60 Dec/17
Ethiopia 19.10 Dec/18
Botswana 18.10 Dec/17
Libya 17.70 Dec/17
Senegal 15.70 Dec/17
Tunisia 15.30 Jun/19
Rwanda 15.00 May/19
Sao Tome and Principe 13.50 Dec/17
Sudan 12.90 Dec/18
Cape Verde 12.20 Dec/18
Mauritania 11.80 Dec/17
Algeria 11.70 Sep/18
Republic of the Congo 10.95 Dec/17
Tanzania 9.70 Dec/18
Gambia 9.50 Dec/17
Kenya 9.30 Dec/18
Morocco 8.50 Jun/19
Mali 7.90 Dec/17
Zambia 7.79 Dec/17
Burundi 7.70 Dec/12
Egypt 7.50 Jun/19
Equatorial Guinea 6.90 Dec/17
Mauritius 6.90 Mar/19
Eritrea 6.40 Dec/17
Burkina Faso 6.30 Dec/17
Guinea Bissau 6.10 Dec/17
Central African Republic 6.00 Dec/17
Malawi 5.90 Dec/17
Chad 5.89 Dec/17
Zimbabwe 4.90 Dec/18
Guinea 4.50 Dec/17
Sierra Leone 4.50 Dec/17
Comoros 4.30 Dec/17
Cameroon 4.20 Dec/17
Seychelles 4.10 Dec/17
Ivory Coast 2.60 Dec/17
Ghana 2.40 Dec/17
Liberia 2.40 Dec/17
Benin 2.10 Dec/18
Uganda 2.10 Dec/17
Madagascar 1.80 Dec/17
Togo 1.80 Dec/17
Niger 0.40 Dec/17



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