Football is the king sport in Africa. And as is the case on other continents, there are stadiums with impressive dimensions that bring together every sporting event of thousands of football fans. After the end of the Africa Cup of Nations hosted by Egypt under the umbrella of the Confederation of African Football CAF, we invite you to discover through this article the ten largest stadiums in Africa:


1) FNB Stadium (South Africa)

Capacity: 94,736

City: Johannesburg

Resident Teams: South Africa Football Team, Kaizer Chiefs FC

2) Borg El Arab Stadium (Egypt)

Capacity: 86,000

City: Alexandria

Resident Teams: Egypt Football Team

3) The Stadium of July 5, 1962 (Algeria)

Capacity: 85,000

City: Alger

Resident Teams: Algerian Football Team, MC Alger, USM Alger

4) Martyrs Stadium (DR Congo)

Capacity: 80,000

City: Kinshasa

Resident Teams: National Team of DR Congo

5) Stadium of 19-May-1956 (Algeria)

Capacity: 75,000

City: Annaba

Resident Teams: Algerian Football Team, USM Annaba

6) Cairo International Stadium (Egypt)

Capacity: 74,100

City: Cairo

Resident Teams: Egypt Football Team, Al-Ahly, Zamalek

7) Stade Mohamed V (Morocco)

Capacity: 67,000

City: Casablanca

Resident Teams: Moroccan Football Team, Raja Casablanca, Wydad Casablanca

8) Ellis Park Stadium (South Africa)

Capacity: 62,500

City: Johannesburg

Resident Teams: Lions, Golden Lions, South Africa Rugby Union Team

9) Abuja Stadium (Nigeria)

Capacity: 60,500

City: Abuja

Resident Teams: Nigeria Football Team

10) Olympic Stadium Radès (Tunisia)

Capacity: 60,000

City: Rades

Resident Teams: Tunisia Football Team


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