In Africa, Internet users pay for mobile data more than elsewhere. The disparities in mobile internet tariffs are abysmal, reaching up to more than 1 GB of data.

The colors on the map correspond to the price of 1 GB of mobile data in each country, with dark green being the cheapest at less than $1 and red being the most expensive at more than $50. Countries shaded in gray do not have data available. For ease of comparison, all prices are expressed in U.S. dollars.

Zimbabwe pays the highest price both in Africa and in the world ($75.20), and countries such as Equatorial Guinea ($65.83) and Saint Helena ($55.47) also pay more than $50. On the contrary, East Africa has the lowest rates, with a gigabyte of mobile data costing ($ 5.93) in Tanzania, ($ 2.91) in Ethiopia, ($ 2.73) in Kenya , (2 $) in Burundi, as well Sudan ($0.68) and the Democratic-Republic of the Congo ($0.88) both pay less than $1 per GB.


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