Africa is on the rise. Extreme growth and a youthful, vibrant set of economies makes the continent one of the most exciting, if not the most exciting, places in the world today from the perspective of growth. africanDRONE was founded in 2017 to be an association which will help provide structure to that growth, and help steer the nascent drone industry into a powerful force for good.

Drones are a powerful democratic technology. Being able to know one’s community, visualizing it from above, creating maps, and harnessing the data, will be transformative in how Africans interact with their governments and their land rights.

Drones are a disruptive technology, which can leapfrog poor infrastructure, add value to almost very business, and employ thousands of Africans in a new technological revolution for the 21t century. We believe that drones should be used for good, which is why we actively champion and incubate drone users who want to use drones for positive, community-building practices, and support educational initiatives to allow communities to choose for themselves how best to use the technology.

africanDRONE does this as a decentralized non-profit organization, with hubs in Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Cape Town. We have a network of drone pilots, business owners, policy makers, journalists and tech enthusiasts across 22 countries in Africa.

We are proudly incubated by journalism/tech NGO Code For Africa, and we take a three-pronged approach to our organization:

1. Community Building: We host drone and story camps, gatherings of journalists, students, business owners, and policy makers who are looking to learn more about how to use drones for good.

We vary these camps geographically and invite a wide range of speakers and attendees which best fit our approach of communicating to a diverse audience. We offer grants to promising projects, to journalists interested in using drones for journalism, to students looking to gain more understanding of drone operations, and scholarships to promising drone businesses looking to attend.

We encourage networking and working across national boundaries, as the legislative eco-system of drone air law in Africa is fragmented and sometimes opaque. We were founded to bring together a community, and we use our power to convene as a force for greater awareness and understanding.

2. Seed Funding: We invest small amounts of money and match resources to help organizations experiment with using drones for good. We have a wide network of contacts and production assistance through our main partner, Code For Africa, as well as a variety of other organizations on the continent who help us accelerate projects with web development, editing, 3D modeling and surveying, writing, and buildouts of low-cost airframes. Our seed funding grants and impact accelerators encourage African businesses to grow, develop, and thrive. We call this our africanDRONE ecosystem.

3. Impact Accelerator: We have several core projects creating impact, which we support and maintain through sustained funding. We support Unequal Scenes, an award-winning drone journalism project which highlights inequality from the air; Sea Sensors, which uses underwater drones and sensors to measure blast fishing in Tanzania, and our East African Hub, which supports a variety of projects, including the Lake Victoria Challenge, a large drone delivery competition hosted by the World Bank, and a variety of drone mapping projects including new tech tools to dramatically lower the cost to create accurate and detailed maps

In addition to the above tasks, africanDRONE sees ourselves as a thought leader in the regulatory space, and as an advocate for the small business owner and individual drone pilot.


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