For the third year in a row, the continent has broken its own record of reform. Initiatives that allow several countries to gain further places in the ranking established by the World Bank.

New record beaten for Africa. With 319 reforms to improve the business environment, the continent proves that business has a bright future in many of its economies. The figure, which is part of the data transmitted by the report “Doing Business 2019: training to better reform”, has been increasing every year for three years.

Nearly 40 African economies have indeed “completed 107 reforms to facilitate business for small and medium-sized enterprises,” against 83 the previous year, says the report’s authors. By comparison, the Bric countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – have introduced a total of 21 reforms. In this area, it is Djibouti who wins the prize. His reforms in this area allow him to earn 55 places in the ranking.

African champions of reforms

The second-ranking African country after Mauritius – in 20th place – Rwanda has implemented seven reforms to improve the business climate. For the report, this figure makes it even the “most reforming country in the region”.

Rwanda has also reformed the areas of cross-border trade and connection to electricity. Initiatives that allow him to climb to 29th place in the standings, ahead of France, 32nd.

Morocco ranks third in Africa behind Mauritius (20) and Rwanda (29), and ranks 60th globally.

Tunisia jumped eight places in 2018 to rank 80th in the world. The purpose of this ranking is to determine the countries with the best indices of ease of doing business. Tunisia is ranked 5th at the African scale behind Kenya (61st).

Only five other states are in the top 100, namely South Africa (82th), Botswana (86th), Zambia (87th), Seychelles (96th) and Djibouti (99th).


Source : World Bank

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